Soap Oil Liquid

Soap Oil Liquid

At Swachdoot, we manufacture a complete range of best-in-class liquid soap oils for home and commercial use. Our strict quality control, strategic location, competitive cost, and consistent on-time delivery have made us one of the most preferred vendors.

Soap Oil Liquid

Swachdoot Soap Oil contains citrus essence and is suitable for all types of dishes. These dual-powered products with vinegar and lime clean the toughest grease and grime stains with ease. While the powerful anti-odor properties of vinegar remove all kinds of food odors, lime cleans greasy surfaces.

  • Anti-corrosion properties prevent rusting and re-deposition of dirt
  • pH balanced and safe for hands
  • Concentrated liquid ensures lower consumption
  • Very effective on food odors

    Quality Assurance

    Swachdoot is open to a variety of packaging options beyond standard sizes. All our products pass through quality checks at various levels to provide you with unmatched quality at a competitive cost.
    Sizes Available: 500 ml, 750 ml, and 5 liters.

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